A book by Dr. Richard Ireland

As a young boy from Marengo, Ohio, Dr. Richard Ireland experienced countless occurrences of psychic phenomena and a heightened extrasensory perception. As he matured, these unusual events continued to occur. He was told as a child that he was preordained to one day be performing psychic work.

Not surprisingly, Dr. Ireland endured much criticism and an unparalleled amount of apprehension by those he attempted to assist in understanding more deeply telepathy and ESP. Dr. Ireland became well-known as the new “Edgar Cayce”- predicting future happenings.

Short of making a generalization, the majority of the population does not believe or credit extrasensory perception or those individuals who have taken extensive time to hone their “abilities”. 

Just to provide a simple example, at one point or another throughout our lives, most of us recall a time when we had a “hunch” or a feeling about something and it came to be. This also holds true for having visions or dreams and an aspect of that dream reveals itself to you at some point a day or two later. These types of episodes can be analyzed more closely if time permits and if the individual so desires to do so. 

I would like to mention that The Phoenix Oracle is a vintage book published in 1970. For the shortness of the book reading-wise, it did take me a fair amount of time to complete it. Personally, I am an openminded individual holding the capacity to believe, understand and comprehend the material stated within the book. I wouldn’t say that it is a complicated read by any means, but it is thoroughly thought-provoking and only ever-so-slightly an accepted aspect of the human psyche. 

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A Report: Telepathy The ‘Respectable’ Phenomenon-A Book by Sybil Leek

The mere utterance of the word Telepathy raises suspicion, awakens curiosity and may inadvertently stimulate negative connections to the occult, witchcraft, or questionable magical practices. A fair number of controlled experiments have been conducted to delve deeper into the subject. Results have demonstrated an existence of a greater understanding of how telepathy just “is”-at least for the more broad-minded person, enough to view the power of the mind; the inner workings of our thoughts and proven electrical impulses within the brain.

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Golden Ghost Removal Service

Authored by Kim Park

The Golden Ghost Removal Service is a magical read surrounding a young girl named Tora Jane and her father’s flourishing ghost removal service business. Tora works closely alongside her father as they encounter unique and fantastical adventures which include the likes of ghosts, vampires and one very sassy pixie.

As the reader slowly eases into the book, the story will magically and vividly unfold in the imagination. It’s as if you’re in the room with Tora and her father as you witness what they do best-remove ghosts and other uninvited “guests” wreaking havoc on their clients and their homes. The story is a breezy and whimsical read to be enjoyed by children, teens and adults. Well done.

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The Harbinger

Jonathan Cahn

The Harbinger, written by Jonathan Cahn, is a uniquely captivating book centering on the events surrounding 9/11 and the correlation to the foreshadowings from the Bible, specifically, the Book of Isaiah.

The linkage between the events and warnings circling the end of ancient Israel in the Bible and how those very same sequence of signs and omens have demonstrated themselves in most recent years, leading to the disintegration of America.

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Killing Jesus

Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard

Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard have composed yet, another well organized and appropriately researched book chronicling the life and death of Jesus Christ in “Killing Jesus.” Killing Jesus is written in much the same style and format as their previous best selling book “Killing Kennedy.”

Chapters are presented in a simple, easy to follow style with additional footnotes in each chapter consisting of supplemental information pertaining to a particular person, place and or thing referenced in the reading, as well as specific locations in the Bible where footnoted items may be identified or quoted. Supplementary individuals who had a voice and strong presence throughout the book were described in vivid detail contributing to their peripheral character building.

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Killing Kennedy

The End of Camelot

Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard


Admittedly, I’ve never possessed a healthy appetite for American or World historical figures or politics. However, at my personal place on the timeline, I felt strongly that there were truly few negligible and legitimate reasons for not knowing about specific facts and significant, life altering events that have markedly shaped the world we live in today. As history is made daily, there are countless key players that deserve to be spotlighted and remembered for their achievements, mistakes and even their dishonorable deeds through thorough elaboration.

The most I’d ever heard about the Kennedy’s was what was mentioned by my paternal aunt who rhapsodically described the fascinating memories she had from the innumerable and carefree times she and her first husband shared with the Kennedy’s at the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts in his senatorial years during the mid-late 1950s and then very early 1960s. With a twinkle in her eye, she happily recalled her favorite recollection of John F. Kennedy- how he enjoyed pinching the ladies rears and of course, this included her own derriere.

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Who Loves You Like This

Edith Bruck

I first read this book some time ago in 2006 and stumbled across it again in sifting through the sea of books I’ve accumulated over the years. The version I had was in paperback and consists of brief, easy to read chapters. World history has never personally, piqued my curiosity, however, Edith Bruck’s story managed to hold my attention and allowed me to envision what being escorted to a concentration camp must have been like through her eyes. The further I immersed myself in the reading, the more I wanted to understand her mindset at the time and why she she said “yes” when most would emphatically state “NO.”

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